About Myself

I am Engr. Marvin Martinez, a Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME). I celebrate my birthday every month of March. My father was from Bacoor, Cavite while my mother was from Pillia, Rizal. I am living with my family at Bacoor, Cavite ever since childhood.

My elementary school and highschool is just a walk away from our house. Only in college that I have a school outside Cavite, I was enrolled in New Era University–Diliman, Quezon City. After a year, I transferred to University of the Philippines-Diliman as a Geodetic Engineering student. With some reflections and inspiration for three years, I finally managed to transfer to my choice of education, Mechanical Engineering. In May 2005, I finished college in UP-Diliman. Finally, after 6 months of review school, 3 days of rigorous exam and a month of waiting, I passed the Board Exam for Mechanical Engineers of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in October 2005.

Just as the year 2005 ends, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) called me for an interview. It was a result of one of many resume submissions in different fields relating to my field of knowledge. HCPI is a car manufacturing company situated in a Technopark in Santa Rosa, Laguna. At that time, HCPI is planning to further expand its Retail / Dealer Network in the Philippines. An engineer would help fulfill that vision. HCPI welcomed me in their Dealer Development Group at the start of 2006. After 5 years, HCPI has a grown its network to 8 Dealerships from 20 Dealers. Putting up new Dealership facilities in Ililo, Ilocos Norte, Davao, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Rizal & Taguig, Metro Manila.

Ever since I started working, I was inspired and told myself that I will improve my education background and have a Masters Degree. The choice is between Engineering and Business Administration. But given the work load and choice of Universities that offers a Masters Degree, MBA was the final choice. MBA can help my qualifications at work and at the same time give a new set of knowledge outside engineering perspective. After a research for Universities that offers MBA, I was down to two; Ateneo and De La Salle. Both are recommended and famed in the field of MBA. The deciding factor for me was the work experience requirement; Ateneo only requires 2 years work experience while De La Salle requires 3 years of work experience. This work experience requirement made me think for reasons, especially why De La Salle requires a year more compared to Ateneo. I figured that since in working for 3 and a half years in HCPI, 2 years is not enough to know the corporate world and 3 years is just enough experience. And so, I enrolled in DLSU-Graduate School of Business to take up MBA.

Now, as my 4th term in DLSU, this blog is one of the requirements of IT-Workshop in MBA, proctored by Prof. Benedict Avila.


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