The Cog

this video has a very relevant story in my life.  The Cog is a video of consecutive movements, like dominoes, of car parts:  Honda Accord.  although, this video has not been released in the Philippines.

whats really amazing & interesting is the length of the video, 2 minutes of non-stop action. i used this video as an intermission in one of the reports when i was in college. and, by some turn of events, i ended up working for Honda.

The Impossible Dream

and now, working in Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. this video ad pays tribute to the history of Honda products and innovations.

Honda Insight Hybrid “Let it Shine”

a share to an eco-friendly campaign, using the Hybrid car. a hybrid car uses two engines, a gasoline engine and electric engine. the electric engine lightens the load of the gasoline engine, in turn lessening the emissions of green house gases. its a small step, but this will in turn make a transition to a gasoline free engine.


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