Food Blogs

i have been a huge food addict. some say that i have a sweet tooth in me. and i believed in a saying the one should eat to live and live to eat. the following are the time tested blogs in terms of foods and restaurants.

Our Awesome Planet:

the best blog reference in terms of hidden restaurants that some are only known in word o f mouth. they cover most restaurants inside and outside the metro.

Dessert Comes First:

another blog that is time tested for me in finding the best desserts in the metro. not the common cakes and pastries that can be found in malls, but rather specialty sweets that are good in quality and taste. these desserts are also best for gifts for they are not that common to come by.

Click the City-Metro:

this site is always up to date to new restaurants and food events. what i find best in this blog is the good restaurants for dates and gatherings that needs a some formal touch.

Technology Blogs

in terms of latest gadgets and technological news, these two blogs are best in updated local gadgets available in the market with some insight in the gray markets for unbiased reports.

Pinoy Tech Blog: and Yuga Tech Blog:

While this blog features international innovations and technologies news. this blog was actually introduced by Prof Avila in his IT-workshop. and ever since i have bookmarked this blog and always fascinated by the daily news.

Giz Magazine:

Recipe Blogs

i’m mostly an admirer of foods and desserts. and as a working slave in the metro, i don’t cook much. but, i visit these sites just to have an insight how the dishes in one of those home food restaurants are done and what makes up to have a great dish. as they say, “learning is part of the battle”

Management Blogs

as an MBA student in DLSU-Graduate School of Business, there is always and never a term that you have to make a case study presentation, may it be a weekly report or a final term paper. the following blogs have been useful as cite references and reviewers.

these blogs have been a great help especially in our ManPri subject.


Shareware/ Freeware Download Sites

the Internet is a vast place, and in it, there are lot of free stuffs like software applications, movies, musics, pictures, etc. even the compression and transfer rate has been improving the past years. the followings sites are used to update and review the new freewares and sharewares in the internet.

Isohunt is a search engine for torrents files. torrents are a kind of compression and distribution file that utilizes the users in sharing the file information. much like cloud computing, the components of the file are collected from different users that has it, eliminating the use of a server that causes download traffic. the download rate is now only affected by the internet connection speed and the number of users that have a file.



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