Home to Office

im supposed to use MAPMYRUN in order to measure the distance going from my home in Bacoor, Cavite to teh Office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

but instead, i’m going to use GOOGLE EARTH. i’ve been using Google Earth ever since 2007, we used it at work in order to get a better presentation material instead of a scanned map.

the satellite view gives a realistic view on the scale of landmarks and population in a certain city or area.

another feature that is very handy is the RULER / PATH tool, this gives the user to draw a line and scale the distance from one to another or create a path (road path)

for the past years before Google Maps is introduced, there is only Google Earth.  the only drawback of Google Earth before was that it only show the aerial view of the country with no road lines and names. and you have to download and install the program, but its a freeware by Google.


Google then created GOOGLE MAPMAKER; using Google Earths template, it gives the users online to draw and put names on roads and buildings.  also, GOOLE SKETCHUP was introduced so that one can insert a 3D layout of buildings and houses in Google Earth.

now, the result is GOOGLE MAPS, a clean 2 dimensional map overlaying the satellite image complete with road names and even landmarks & building names.


and finally, as a tribute to the Google Earth, i’m attaching a view of the path from my home in Bacoor, Cavite to the Office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

the Road Distance to travel is around 25.2 Kilometers and the straight line distance is only around 18.95 kilometers.




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