Top Gadgets

i’m not much a tech person, and i don’t go by the flow of having latest gadgets and electronic devices. they are a bit over the price, but thats what you pay for using a new technology. gadgets are a daily needs of almost everyone nowadays. i have listed the best gadgets that i have been using and has made an impact in my everyday life.

Dual Sim Phone: Samsung D780

there are only few almost none that offers dual sim use of phones. i needed this phone when it has become a hassle to have two separate units: one company issued and one personal. this revolutionary phone has greatly helped in handling and maintenance. you only have to hold one phone and have two sim, that simple. and as a bonus, the design is so businesslike, slick and stylish. you cant go wrong with it.

Mobile Internet: PLDT Weroam

ever since this handy usb drive was introduced, you dont have to find a LAN cable or telephone cable when you need to surf the net. plus, it gives mobility the same as your laptop computer. signal coverage is very wide and to top it all, the download rate is superd.

Powerpoint Presentor / Clicker

this little handheld device has revolutionized the presentation style in every office. it gives you control in executing a presentation material at your phase and style. aside to the control device, the pointer included has helped in focusing and highlighting important facts and materials. every office now has one.

D-SLR: Nikon D40

the best and most popular innovation in a camera technology is the digital version of an SLR. this gadget has delivered and made everyone a professional photographer. capturing once in a lifetime moments, having a crisp and vivid shots and executing rare and hard camera effects can now be easily done by the D-SLR. one just need to have a basic photography class and lots of practice can make oneself a photographer, good enough to boast.


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