Blog Evaluation

some the sites and blogs are a good source of information. in addition, they are a great help in personal and MBA studies.

an interesting sketch app and gallery that shows the process of drawing very entertaining.  you can also see and watch the sketches take form in real time.

a CBS founded business network. one of the good sides of this site are the up to date news and applications in the business world internationally. although, the site is very general and mostly US and/or Europe based. some point of views are mostly western perspective. but overall, it is one avenue to get updated and familiarize in the business world.

Prezi is an alternative presentation application. Prezi is a flash software application and runs online or while connected in the Internet. it is very applicable in schools, especially that im an MBA student and also in the workplace. it gives a first awe impression.


Google Docs vs. Microsoft Live

Google Docs and Microsoft Live are considered a Web 2.0 applications that uses cloud computing. one of the applications utilizes the saving of the file in the net and that these files can then be seen and updated anytime, anywhere and by any authorized users.  Google Docs has the alternative Microsoft Office applications: documents, spreadsheets, presentation , etc.  seeing that Google has lunched Google Docs as a free application and only requires a Google Mail accounts, Microsoft ahas also ventured in cloud computing and produces Microsoft Live: an online version of Microsoft Office softwares.

12manage is a compilation of 12 common or mostly used management principles. in addition, these also corresponds to the MBA subjects needed in DLSU. these site proves to be a good reference and reviewer.  in addition, the compilations have in-depth information and diagrams.

Provenmodels is a site with a compilation of diagrams and principles relating to management principles. this site is also an alternative source of diagrams for references and reviewers.

1000ventures is a more broad and general site that offers different fields of principles and philosophy.  this site is can also be used as reference materials for MBA subjects in DLSU and offers practical descriptions in activities taht can be used in everyday life and in work areas.




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