What are your learnings?


YouTube as a learning tool.


YouTube has helped in acquiring information and skills to internet users. We can confirm that there are some topics that need actual execution in order to be understood. In addition, there are cases that video is more effective in visualizing concepts rather than still pictures. YouTube gives the user to control the viewing experience; pause on a critical or important time, like a pose or stance; reply the video as many times as possible, in slow motion or fast forward motion; and others. Videos now a days are also accessible, even phones can record short videos in amazing high definitions.




Blogs as the new source of updated information (as replacement of books and magazines). Everybody can become an author.


Blogs has become popular in expressing one’s self. These blogs are personal and subjective. They can be a good source of information as to current events and as a mode of distributing this information. But, given that the internet is so vast, any information can shared and distributed. Not all information shared is credible. One issue that can be raised is the proper authority of source of information. Some blogs and sites disclose the sources of their information and most of the times the links to these sites. In the end, a blog is also a major responsibility for the owner of blogs.




Social Networking (facebook, tweeter) for business?


Social networking like facebook and twitter has shortened the gap in updating friends and people. One phenomenon here in the Philippines caused by facebook is the easy organization of homecoming events and reunions. With the network that connects every user to their friends, news and updates can be distributed in a fast and easy pace. Given the large population of social networking users and the frequency of use and visits to its homepage and websites, advertisers use this as a venue of business. Products and services can be shared and displayed in order to inform the different users.




How will mobile computing and tablets shape up? Will these replace PCs and notebooks?


Mobile computing and tablets are now increasing in numbers. Given its compact size and mobility to bring around anywhere, innovations are still coming for this type of gadget. But, tablets, PCs and notebooks have different purpose and functions. it is not likely that tablets can replace the PCs and notebooks. As mentioned earlier, tablets are know for mobility and compact size but the downfall of the design goes in the small amount of hardware, memory, efficiency and versatility that tablets can carry. What tablets have given to users is the choice in choosing what kind of gadget that fits that user’s lifestyle and functions.




What is your own vision of technology that you will be using in the next 5 years?


An interpretation of Moore’s Law states that technology changes every 6 months or twice per annum. 5 years is a long time in terms of Moore’s Law. Predicting the next technology is not that simple. But given the trend of technology and gadgets being released, smart phones are the next necessity using touch screen technology. The next improvements will be voice activated gadgets and hologram or 3D displays. The innovations and inventions are limitless in the following years and it will be fun to watch and experience these changes in our world.



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