New Philippine-Peso Bills / Banknotes

before the year 2010 ends, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) has released a whole new set of bills or banknotes. not the past years that as if every president is trying to have a new denomination. the 1000-peso bill and 200-peso bill. and now, simultaneously adding Corazon Aquino in the 500-bill, the design of all the bills have been changed. hope that President Aquino will not add a new denomination since this is a big move in this regime.



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2 Responses to New Philippine-Peso Bills / Banknotes

  1. Carlos says:

    Very nice to see the new banknote designs. Can’t wait to see a few specimens personally. I expect to see them going the rounds this coming Christmas.

  2. r.almazan says:

    The design of our new philippine banknotes are very good. Most especially the combination of the colors (its new additional security features, fauna, the philippine wonders), hope that these new designs may not be easilly counterfeited.

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