2011 Holidays in the Philippines – is fewer better?

next year (2011) the Philippines will encounter a few holidays. the president has released a proclamation that dictates the limited numbers of holidays . mixed reactions can be heard from every corners. some are glad, while some are not. one of the reasons, some of the holidays are dated saturdays and sundays. another, the old rule of moving the holiday to the nearest monday does not apply anymore. but, there are some good side to the new set of holidays, more work days will be dome within the year, hence more money making will be done. economically, people will have more money to spend. this is a different approach but im looking forward to its results by the end of 2011. only then we can conclude if this new set of holidays is effective or not.

the copy of the proclamation of new set of holidays: holiday 2011



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2 Responses to 2011 Holidays in the Philippines – is fewer better?

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