A Jewelry for (Mechanical) ENGINEERS

i never thought id see one but to see an engineering icon used as a jewelry was awesome. a GEAR has been a universal icon for mechanical engineering students and professionals. one of the main purpose of a gear is to transfer motion and force from one shaft to another. it is one of the most efficient design in its field.  a gear is not that simple as it looks, its a complex design. it requires lots of calculations in order to produce one. its finished product is a work of art and the best part of it is to see it in motion. how everything seems to move smoothly and effortless. thats why, it is so amazing to see in a jewelry item – an everyday item not intended for its original purpose. not only that you can see the gear, you can actually use the gear.

from the article: http://www.gizmag.com/kinekt-gear-ring/17523/

official website: http://kinektdesign.com/product-gear-ring.php


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