Starbucks Trenta


According to Washington Post (,

Starbucks has just recently (Jan18) launched a new coffee cup size, TRENTA,  in selected states in the U.S.


Trenta has a  capacity to hold your favorite hot coffee up to 31 ounces (916 ml).

Trenta is a Spanish word for thirty (30).

Hence, the name TRENTA was used because it is really about 30.973644 ounces.

The new size is much bigger than than the already large VENTI.

(From left: Tall, Grande, Venti & Trenta)

As for iced drinks, Trenta is 50% more than the already large Venti.

Venti is about 591 ml (20 ounces) and Trenta is about 916 ml (31 ounces); almost the same size as a regular capacity of an adult human  stomach. (as shown below)



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