Point / Counterpoint: In Search of the Quick Fix



Popular books related to organizational behavior are considered quick fix books. They are deceiving managers and top management executives that there exists a better and fast way in dealing organizational behavior problems and situations.


Organizational Behavior (OB) is a broad concept and these (quick fix) books are mostly and only focusing in a certain specific branch of study in organizational behavior. Like “Tribes” by Seth Godin in which the book describes on a way of bringing together like-minded people, and starting something big. In general perspective, the book only tackles the opportunity and success in utilizing the common thinking of employees and using this inputs in improving and building success. However, the book does not tackle on handling the minority of employees that are not thinking the same as of the majority of common employee thinkers. The book also tackles only on the group level of organizational behavior in terms of Leadership. In which, Organizational Behavior have three levels in terms of “Essential of Organizational Behavior” by Robbins; (1) Individual Level, (2) Group Level and (3) Organizational System Level.


These (quick fix) books are very specific in topics of Organizational Behavior that there exists different kind of Leadership books in which each book is only highlighting the importance of a specific trait of Leadership. However there exist many kinds and traits of Leadership in Organizational Behavior with different strengths and weakness in every situation.  These books only sells to managers that using only a specific trait in Leadership can lead to success in an organization. Brainwashing managers that there is only a better trait of Leadership and other traits are to be ignored. Examples of these books are; “Servant Leadership” by Robert K. Greenleaf in which the book is a collection of essays about serving others, and how you can lead by example. Another book is “The Versatile Leader” by Bob Kaplan and Rob Kaiser in which the book describes how to make the most of the manager’s strengths, and how to avoid burnout. Lastly, “Primal Leadership” by Daniel Goleman in which the book describes how to be an emotionally intelligent leader, and how that will benefit the manager in today’s world.


However, these (quick fix) books are still sources of knowledge and information. These books are mediums in order to share and inspire managers the success of other managers when doing right in applying proper Organizational Behavior concepts. These books also stand as warnings and proofs in sharing the failures of other managers when neglecting concepts in Organizational Behavior. These books are compilations of knowledge that gives assurance to managers that there are other managers out there having the same situation and problems they are encountering.


It is the job of managers and top management executives in realizing the purpose and use of these (quick fix) books and uses them properly in guiding them to a success in their organization.


disclaimer: this is a reaction paper as a requirement from an MBA course in Organizational Behavior


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