2012 Holidays in the Philippines – less regular holiday and additional non-working holidays

Proclamation 295 was signed last Nov. 24, 2011 (http://www.gov.ph/2011/11/24/proclamation-no-295-s-2011/) declaring the list of regular holidays and new lists of non-working holidays & special holidays for schools.

Proclamation 295 – Philippine Holidays 2012

Last year, the first list of holidays declared by the newly appointed Pres. Aquino was a short list compared to his predecessor (https://marvzmartinez.wordpress.com/2010/12/22/fewer-holidays-in-the-philippines-for-the-year-2011/). His change was to limit the number of holidays in order for the country to be productive in work and business to prosper. The new President’s idea was to improve the economy through continuous business operations which in turn will move the economic cogs of the country. This idea was contrary to the previous sets of holidays, in which it promotes more vacation days, this in turn will make the people of the country to  spend more. This classical economic theory aims to promote the dynamics of the money in the country and hopefully the invisible hand will balance and improve the economic status of the country. However, this spending in declared holidays has a comparatively small effect in the economy since the spending will be used in service providing industry in which the country is currently having trouble to properly collect taxes. The new and fewer list of Holidays by Pres. Aquino focuses more on the productions and products of business industry in which have a direct transaction to world trade. This direct transaction will then improve and strengthen the economic status the country in turn making the value of the Philippine currency stronger and lastly will be felt by the employees and consumers in their spending.

The shorter list of holidays for 2011 proves to be effective since within this year of 2011, we have experienced the record high increase in volume in the stock market, the ForEx for teh Philippine Peso is stable and increasing in value, there are more oil price roll backs even there are decrease in supply of oil in the world market. The general population may not feel the expected large decrease in prices of goods and services but the maintenance of the stability and preventing the Philippine Peso to decrease in value is already a big achievement for the first year for the new administration. And this is all due to the shortening of list of regular holidays.

Once more, with the declaration of new list of holidays, we shall watch over the effectiveness of this new administration to the improvement and maintaining the improving economy of the country. However, the shorter list of holidays for 2011 is comparatively longer to the new list of holidays for 2012. The additions are the recognition of holidays of different cultural groups within in the country. Since the Islamic holidays have been recognized, the Chinese holidays will be recognized this year by the administration after a set of comments and reactions from the previous 2011 list of being biased.

We shall vigorously watch the effectiveness of this new 2012 list as a reaction to the 2011 list of holidays.


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