Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. – Blue Skies for Our Children : An Advocacy Plan

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Blue Skies for Our Children


Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) is registered under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an automotive manufacturer that assembles and imports cars since October 1990. HCPI’s assembly plant & Spare Parts Warehouse is located in Laguna Technopark, Sta.Rosa, Laguna. In addition, the main office of operations is also located in the vicinity of Sta Rosa, Laguna residing with the assembly plant. (Our Company: INVESTOR INFORMATION, 2012).

Currently, HCPI employees are called “Associates”, and around 700 Associates (Our Company: INVESTOR INFORMATION, 2012) are employed as regular employees all throughout the company. The branding of employees to Associates ensures that HCPI employees adhere to the Company principle of producing and giving quality products and services for good quality customer satisfaction.

Corporate Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of HCPI are encompassed thru the Fundamental Beliefs and the Company Principle, in which are called the Honda Philosophy. (Honda Philosophy, 2012) as shown in Figure 1: Honda Philosophy. The Fundamental Beliefs focuses on; (1) Respect for the Individual, and; (2) The Three Joys: Joy of Buying, Joy of Selling, and Joy of Creating. In addition to the Fundamental Beliefs, HCPI also follows the Company Principle; “Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction”, as shown in Figure 2: Details of Honda Philosophy.

Environmental Vision

On the 20th year of operation in the Philippines in October 2012, HCPI strengthens its commitment to it environmental vision of realizing “the joy of freedom and mobility” and “a sustainable society where people can enjoy life”. The mission is to minimize the use of fossil fuels and environmental impacts like greenhouse gases through the products made by Honda (Honda Environment, 2012).

HCPI advocates that through its international research and development (R&D), HCPI offers automobiles with engines that are inspired by the environmental vision which consumes less fuel and produces minimal greenhouse emissions. These engines are called i-VTEC engines which are also classified as Euro 4 level. Whereas currently, the Philippines are only regulating a minimum of Euro 2 level engines to be sold in the local market (Honda Environment, 2012).

In the Philippines, HCPI launches its advocacy campaign that is in line with the Environmental Vision. The campaign is called, “Blue Skies for Our Children” (Honda Environment, 2012). Through this campaign, HCPI is promoting that by buying a Honda, each car owner is already contributing to the benefit of our future generations to have clean air to breathe.

This campaign, HCPI as a corporation, is being ethical in taking care of the wellness not only of its employees and customers but also of its stakeholders, as mentioned in Business Code of Ethics (Aquino, October 23, 1979). In addition, HCPI is aligned with the Catholic Social Teachings (Abela, 2001), that the purpose of the firm is not only for its shareholders but also for its stakeholders that are directly and indirectly being affected by HCPI as a corporation, which is clearly shown in Figure 3: Honda’s Direction.

The “Blue Skies for Our Children” is the main campaign of HCPI in the Philippines as its local corporation. Simultaneously, HCPI created a supporting campaign along with tie-ups and incorporation with other corporation and local offices, the “1’M Blue”. The “1’M Blue” campaign have an initial goal of committing one million eco-safe drivers in achieving the mission of Blue Skies for Our Children (Honda Environment, 2012).

The 1’M Blue campaign promotes that purchasing is Honda is only the first step in making sure that the future generations have clean air to breathe. HCPI proposes that the car owners themselves must further contribute by consciously using and driving the cars properly through the recommended driving and maintenance habits.

However, as Figure 4: Facebook page of 1’M Blue, there are only up to date 943 likes for the local campaign which was only launched last October 2012. This number signifies that the campaign is not fully being shared to Honda owners and other drivers despite the continuous updates in the said social network webpage.

Mission & Goals

Given that the campaign is not effectively being communicated well enough to the people or let alone to the Honda owners that owns and drives a Honda car, HCPI will have to plan and implement a more aggressive approach in informing and convincing people to join HCPI ‘s advocacy. In addition, The social network page is not enough as a medium in informing people. HCPI must use other sources of marketing medium in order to reach the people.

Implementation Plan
Supporting Advocacy Campaign

In support to the Blue Skies campaign of HCPI, a new parallel campaign will be implemented along with 1’M Blue campaign. HCPI will implement a charity tie-up campaign, the same concept used by Innocent drink company in Europe that promotes for every Innocent drink bottle with a knitted cap sold, the company will allot an amount to be donated to the charity that made the small knotted caps (Brown & Grayson, 2008).

The campaign that HCPI to implement will be that for every individual Honda Car sold, HCPI will dedicate an amount to buy a seedling tree to be donated and planted in La Mesa watershed. In addition, the tree will be named after the owner and the owner will have a certificate along with the car warranty booklet when the car is received by the new Honda owner. This campaign will be the first to the automotive market and being the first car maker in the Philippines to directly set aside a part of profits for the environment.

The seedling trees will be planted by HCPI associates every quarter of the year at La Mesa Watershed. A picture of the tree being planted will be sent to the owners as a reminder and thank you card for supporting HCPI’s advocacy campaigns. The customers will have a sense of achievements for choosing and buying a Honda car. This campaign will be a direct approach to Honda customers. In addition, the thank you card and the picture can be a tangible tool for an effective word of mouth promotion.

Supporting Promotional Activities

Supporting promotional activities will be executed in order to ensure sustainability of the campaign.

An annual campaign ad will be executed as a thank you to Honda owners within the year, to show the appreciation in supporting HCPI’s campaign and for purchasing the Honda products. These advertisement material will be distributed along above the line media; TV, Newspaper, Radio, Magazines, Billboards and others. This promotion activity will reach other Honda car owners and other brand car owners in informing them of the proactive campaign of HCPI.

For existing Honda car owners, a supporting campaign will be introduced. For every two succeeding preventive maintenance check-up or change-oil within the same year, HCPI and the servicing Dealer will allocate an amount for a seedling tree to be donated and planted in La Mesa watershed. Since, a Honda owner is recommended to service their car for maintenance check-up every six months or 10,000km traveled, whichever comes first.


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