Reflections on “A Leader’s Values” by Pia Manalastas

The paper is about, the same as the Title; a leader’s values as key factor in doing CSR activities by a corporation. CSR is defined as a mandatory activity in the point of view of Ethics. In addition, CSR are executed in terms of proactive activities and not reactive activities to the society. The purpose of the author is to present ways in putting CSR as part of Philippine business and society.

The supporting arguments in the paper mainly revolves in the values of the leader as the leader dictates or influences the organization, in turn, changes the society. Although, limitations are placed in the argument that these leaders is the type that influences and inspires their subordinates in an organization or a “leader by example” type. In addition, the values mentioned are defined and categorized as dominant Filipino traits using the Schwartz’ Value Sphere. The author of the paper hopes that these Filipino values can be found in Open to Change & Self-transcendence Areas. These categories are values that are needed for a leader in order to execute CSR in the organization. However, most of the dominant Filipino values are found in the Conservative area while few values are under the Self-Transcendence. This finding does not mean that Filipinos are not capable of having the necessary values for integrating CSR in an organization. Rather, Schwartz’ Value Sphere is not enough alone to gauge the Filipino values.

The following support argument states that the necessary values of a leader can be taught in graduate business schools, as one of the many ways. These schools play a major role in educating and training future leaders of organizations. Thus, graduate business schools must have curriculums in terms of CSR and Ethics in business. These curriculums create awareness to students about their responsibility to their organization and society. One method recommended by the author in creating awareness for CSR is the Service Learning concept. This method is supported by the inspiring reactions of students in DLSU-GSB.

My personal view on the paper, CSR is indeed a necessary curriculum in graduate school in order to create awareness in the CSR activities as part of the organization.

In the paper, the requirement for implementation of CSR to organization lies in the values of a leader being transformational and in that only leader’s value that dictates the company’s CSR implementation and execution. These are strict limitations and considered as golden rule or law, so that the solutions revolves around these laws, as graduate school as one of the avenue of influencing these values. But, I believe there are other avenues for security in implementation and execution of CSR in an organization aside the leader’s value.

In addition, CSR is presented in many ways in terms of government constitution, ethical values, and economic experiences in order to prove the necessity of CSR. But, CSR is only accepted by a number of organizations. These numbers are positively but slowly increasing. In a parallel scenario, graduate business schools are including CSR as part of the curriculum, but slowly increasing. CSR is relatively new for being accepted in graduate schools. But, constant vigilance will one day be a universal curriculum in graduate schools, not only in the Philippines but also worldwide.  It is an honor and a privilege to be studying in DLSU, as one of the pioneering schools that have CSR as a curriculum in graduate school.

Reflections on “Principles of Lasalian Social Development”

The paper summarizes the guiding principles that every Lasalian individual and group must have in order to have a successful and meaningful social development. The paper at first presents the current status of society in the Philippines and the responsibility lies to every institution for the improvement of society. Since schools are one of society’s institutions, Lasalian institutions must understand that social development is part of the school’s mission.

The principles are presented in three categories, namely: bring forth awareness and understanding of social realities, effect liberating actions and lastly, be in solidarity with progressive groups of a larger community.

In summary, the first category explains that a Lasalian must develop a skill in awareness to the current social status and to understand these social realities, Lasalians must be immersed or know a first hand understanding through interactions. The second category guides the Lasalians individuals and groups through necessary principles in order to be an effective social development. Lastly, the third category guides these Lasalians individuals and groups to help and coordinate with other groups that will help social development.

These three categories define and explain the ideal principles that each Lasalian individual and group must do in order to have a meaningful social development.

My personal point of view on the paper, the principles presented are defined and presented well in a whole in order to properly guide Lasalians and gives a measurement on what to expect from every Lasalian. The paper does say that a Lasalian means a member of Lasalian Institution, encompassing students, faculty, and employees. However, the paper does not say who is responsible for teaching these principles but rather expects these principles to every Lasalian.

The principles are presented in a sequential way, highlighting that change should start from oneself, then following to cooperate within the group and then outside the institution. Enlightenment and awareness is necessary in order to assess and guide every decision. Then, the second step of coordinating within the group should prove to be the best thing. Working along side with the same thought and motivation will ensure a successful endeavor. In addition, the second step is also a measurement in order to gauge an individual capability to cooperate as a group or team. If they can’t cooperate within the group of same ideals, then what more they expect to achieve if they are confronted to cooperate with individuals with different perspectives and motivations. The last step shows the growth of an individual and the group acting as one entity; having the same ideals, morals and motivations. The last step is their contribution to society, by sharing their knowledge and passion.

The limitations of these methods are time consuming. Knowing the necessary requirements and steps to take, time must be invested before an individual and group to go out in society. One must first pass a requirement in a step in order to move on. Hence, the training process should be underway in order not to loose more time. But, each must not be that in a hurry, for these guiding principles will ensure a productive individual of a group in society making sure of success instead of unnecessary mistakes at the cost of time and precious resources.

Reflections on “The Foundational Principles of Lasallian Formation”

The paper summarizes the principles made and used by Lasalian Educators in achieving a personal transformation they call the Lasalian formation. The paper starts the argument that the principles are based and guided by the teachings of God and inspired by the work of St John Baptist De La Sallle. The principles are under three categories, namely: The Spirit of Faith, Zeal for the Integral Salvation of All and lastly, Communion in Mission, Mission as Communion.

The first principle is about the characteristics coming from the guidance of God. The next principle is the power of faith in saving and helping others. These desires of helping will improve oneself. Lastly, the last principle is about the communion or better defined as communication or association with others. As compared to communion with God, the importance of association will be transpired in associating with others creating unity.

My personal point of view on the paper, the principles are mainly inspired by the teachings of the church and inspired by St John Baptist De La Salle. The principles mainly revolve in the good nature of oneself guided by God. Hence, achieving the ultimate mission of helping others and enlighten oneself.

These principles are steps needed in order to achieve enlightenment and to view the greater vision every Lasalian educator and also Lasalians.


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