Google Doodle: Interactive Guitar

Google Doodle has been improving lately, before Google incorporates graphics in the Google loge as part of a tribute to a certain topic, person, event, etc.

Lately, a couple of Doodle have been animated and used videos.

And the latest is the interactive Doodle which lets the user controls the Doodle in the Google home screen.

(As a tribute to Charlie Chaplin last April 16, 2011)


This time as a tribute to Les Paul, the creator of electric guitar (

The home screen is an interactive guitar that plays different tune.

As an observation, the strings are colored the Google sequence when played.

The latest feature is the toggle key for using the keyboard in order to play the interactive guitar.

Google continues to surprise and entertain in their simple homepage.


iPad 2

Apple had just launched its iPad upgrade, the Ipad 2.

The specs and info are already up in their website:

Apple is boasting some of the new features of iPad2: thinner than the previous generation by 33%, front and back camera, dual-core processor and a their very own versatile cover/stand.






Tokyo Sky Tree

Another reason to visit Japan by the year 2012. Japan boasts to have the highest TV tower in the world. Just recently Singapore opened its Sky Park, Japan soon followed with the TOKYO SKY TREE. The tower is expected to have a maximum height of 634 meters (2.080 feet), with two observatory decks at the height of 350 meters (1,150 ft) and 450 meters (1,476 ft).

The Tokyo Sky Tower started its construction last July 2008 and is expected to finish by the end of the year 2011. The grand opening is scheduled by Spring of 2012.

For more information:

Sony NGP Sony PSP2


According to BBC ( and (


Sony has just presented the NGP or Next Generation Portable. NGP is the successor to the PSP or you could call it PSP2.

NGP was first presented in Tokyo at a very special event, the Playstation Meeting.

Here are the specs known so far:

  • Quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU with an SGX543MP4+ GPU
  • BIG 5 inches OLED touchscreen (960 x 544)
  • ANOTHER BIG 5 inches touch pad at the rear of the device
  • 2 “real” analog joysticks (unlike the “nubs” on the PSP)
  • NEW : Front and rear cameras
  • 3G, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and GPS
  • Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer),
  • Three-axis electronic compass
  • New physical media format (replacing the outdated UMD)
  • “as powerful as the PS3”

Price for the NGP (PSP2) has not yet been disclosed.

Nevertheless, this new gadget will be one of the best welcome of the year 2011.

Looking forward to new gadgets that will challenge the NGP.

Starbucks Trenta


According to Washington Post (,

Starbucks has just recently (Jan18) launched a new coffee cup size, TRENTA,  in selected states in the U.S.


Trenta has a  capacity to hold your favorite hot coffee up to 31 ounces (916 ml).

Trenta is a Spanish word for thirty (30).

Hence, the name TRENTA was used because it is really about 30.973644 ounces.

The new size is much bigger than than the already large VENTI.

(From left: Tall, Grande, Venti & Trenta)

As for iced drinks, Trenta is 50% more than the already large Venti.

Venti is about 591 ml (20 ounces) and Trenta is about 916 ml (31 ounces); almost the same size as a regular capacity of an adult human  stomach. (as shown below)


Random photos

i always wanted to have those picture perfect shots: vivid colors, depth of field, super sharp contrasts. something like a professional photographer could do. but technology has given that ability to everyone. cameras now are digital and post processing can now be done in a computer. thats why i bought myself a D-SLR camera, a basic Nikon D40 model. its simple, small but has a bit of an edge in aesthetics compared with the point and shoot class, and not too big and bulky like its pro-class relatives. this camera gives me the photos that i need, something different that one can say that its not from a point and shoot shot. i’m just starting in digital photography, and hoping to improve more.

these are my photos, its not grand and great but i’m proud of it.

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Top Gadgets

i’m not much a tech person, and i don’t go by the flow of having latest gadgets and electronic devices. they are a bit over the price, but thats what you pay for using a new technology. gadgets are a daily needs of almost everyone nowadays. i have listed the best gadgets that i have been using and has made an impact in my everyday life.

Dual Sim Phone: Samsung D780

there are only few almost none that offers dual sim use of phones. i needed this phone when it has become a hassle to have two separate units: one company issued and one personal. this revolutionary phone has greatly helped in handling and maintenance. you only have to hold one phone and have two sim, that simple. and as a bonus, the design is so businesslike, slick and stylish. you cant go wrong with it.

Mobile Internet: PLDT Weroam

ever since this handy usb drive was introduced, you dont have to find a LAN cable or telephone cable when you need to surf the net. plus, it gives mobility the same as your laptop computer. signal coverage is very wide and to top it all, the download rate is superd.

Powerpoint Presentor / Clicker

this little handheld device has revolutionized the presentation style in every office. it gives you control in executing a presentation material at your phase and style. aside to the control device, the pointer included has helped in focusing and highlighting important facts and materials. every office now has one.

D-SLR: Nikon D40

the best and most popular innovation in a camera technology is the digital version of an SLR. this gadget has delivered and made everyone a professional photographer. capturing once in a lifetime moments, having a crisp and vivid shots and executing rare and hard camera effects can now be easily done by the D-SLR. one just need to have a basic photography class and lots of practice can make oneself a photographer, good enough to boast.