The Philippine National Anthem being played in Monte Carlo !!!

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time, the Lupang Hinirang was played on a European race podium as Filipino-Swiss driver Marlon Stockinger grabbed the top prize at the second GP3 series race of the weekend in Monte Carlo. He is the first Filipino to win in the famous circuit.


Impeachment update (after almost half a year)

It has been almost half a year since the impeachment trial of the Chief Justice and the question that lingers is, it’s still not finished? This is just the example of the real judiciary system of the state. i hope that this will improve in the following years and not degrade.

Another highlight is the press conference of Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago, where she demonstrates her insight of the impeachment process. Take note of her comments, i can only describe as sheer intellectual humor: a well thought humor that educates you in a pleasant way.

Prof Solita Monsod’s last lecture in University of the Philippines-Diliman.

An inspirational speech by a professor in University of the Philippines – Diliman, showing her strong determination and beliefs in the Philippines. In her last lecture,  she shows how she constantly believes in the potential and excellence of Filipinos and its is not too late to give up on the Philippines as a country given its recent lively history. In addition, she constantly believes in the students and alumni of the University of the Philippines (as the government’s greatest educational institution), and she have high expectations in these students and alumni.

As a summary, she believes that every student and alumni of the University are the solutions of the country’s problems. However, in order to be part of the solutions, she highly pointed out that these solutions must be present within the country and not outside of the country in order to do their part.




In her lecture, she mentioned one of the famous quotes of Edward Everett Hale which states, “I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.” This quote that she believes in shows that even one or alone can do something in order to make a change or start a solution.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb – Preview

Android 3.0 or known as Honeycomb, is said to be designed for handheld tablets.

This is a video preview from Google, courtesy of our friends from


enjoy and dream.


A Jewelry for (Mechanical) ENGINEERS

i never thought id see one but to see an engineering icon used as a jewelry was awesome. a GEAR has been a universal icon for mechanical engineering students and professionals. one of the main purpose of a gear is to transfer motion and force from one shaft to another. it is one of the most efficient design in its field.  a gear is not that simple as it looks, its a complex design. it requires lots of calculations in order to produce one. its finished product is a work of art and the best part of it is to see it in motion. how everything seems to move smoothly and effortless. thats why, it is so amazing to see in a jewelry item – an everyday item not intended for its original purpose. not only that you can see the gear, you can actually use the gear.

from the article:

official website:


The Cog

this video has a very relevant story in my life.  The Cog is a video of consecutive movements, like dominoes, of car parts:  Honda Accord.  although, this video has not been released in the Philippines.

whats really amazing & interesting is the length of the video, 2 minutes of non-stop action. i used this video as an intermission in one of the reports when i was in college. and, by some turn of events, i ended up working for Honda.

The Impossible Dream

and now, working in Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. this video ad pays tribute to the history of Honda products and innovations.

Honda Insight Hybrid “Let it Shine”

a share to an eco-friendly campaign, using the Hybrid car. a hybrid car uses two engines, a gasoline engine and electric engine. the electric engine lightens the load of the gasoline engine, in turn lessening the emissions of green house gases. its a small step, but this will in turn make a transition to a gasoline free engine.

Innovative Videos

Google Googles

first time i found about this mobile phone function, it made me awestruck. to think that image recognition is finally making a step in the search engine realm. even though it is limited search for now, but it is a start. and improvements and innovations will come down like rain. the key really is the start. kudos to Google.

Honda Walking Assist Device

this video convinces me that Marvel’s IRONMAN concept is possible and its near in the future, aside from making it possible to walk and assist in walking.