Google Doodle: Interactive Guitar

Google Doodle has been improving lately, before Google incorporates graphics in the Google loge as part of a tribute to a certain topic, person, event, etc.

Lately, a couple of Doodle have been animated and used videos.

And the latest is the interactive Doodle which lets the user controls the Doodle in the Google home screen.

(As a tribute to Charlie Chaplin last April 16, 2011)


This time as a tribute to Les Paul, the creator of electric guitar (

The home screen is an interactive guitar that plays different tune.

As an observation, the strings are colored the Google sequence when played.

The latest feature is the toggle key for using the keyboard in order to play the interactive guitar.

Google continues to surprise and entertain in their simple homepage.



What are your learnings?


YouTube as a learning tool.


YouTube has helped in acquiring information and skills to internet users. We can confirm that there are some topics that need actual execution in order to be understood. In addition, there are cases that video is more effective in visualizing concepts rather than still pictures. YouTube gives the user to control the viewing experience; pause on a critical or important time, like a pose or stance; reply the video as many times as possible, in slow motion or fast forward motion; and others. Videos now a days are also accessible, even phones can record short videos in amazing high definitions.




Blogs as the new source of updated information (as replacement of books and magazines). Everybody can become an author.


Blogs has become popular in expressing one’s self. These blogs are personal and subjective. They can be a good source of information as to current events and as a mode of distributing this information. But, given that the internet is so vast, any information can shared and distributed. Not all information shared is credible. One issue that can be raised is the proper authority of source of information. Some blogs and sites disclose the sources of their information and most of the times the links to these sites. In the end, a blog is also a major responsibility for the owner of blogs.




Social Networking (facebook, tweeter) for business?


Social networking like facebook and twitter has shortened the gap in updating friends and people. One phenomenon here in the Philippines caused by facebook is the easy organization of homecoming events and reunions. With the network that connects every user to their friends, news and updates can be distributed in a fast and easy pace. Given the large population of social networking users and the frequency of use and visits to its homepage and websites, advertisers use this as a venue of business. Products and services can be shared and displayed in order to inform the different users.




How will mobile computing and tablets shape up? Will these replace PCs and notebooks?


Mobile computing and tablets are now increasing in numbers. Given its compact size and mobility to bring around anywhere, innovations are still coming for this type of gadget. But, tablets, PCs and notebooks have different purpose and functions. it is not likely that tablets can replace the PCs and notebooks. As mentioned earlier, tablets are know for mobility and compact size but the downfall of the design goes in the small amount of hardware, memory, efficiency and versatility that tablets can carry. What tablets have given to users is the choice in choosing what kind of gadget that fits that user’s lifestyle and functions.




What is your own vision of technology that you will be using in the next 5 years?


An interpretation of Moore’s Law states that technology changes every 6 months or twice per annum. 5 years is a long time in terms of Moore’s Law. Predicting the next technology is not that simple. But given the trend of technology and gadgets being released, smart phones are the next necessity using touch screen technology. The next improvements will be voice activated gadgets and hologram or 3D displays. The innovations and inventions are limitless in the following years and it will be fun to watch and experience these changes in our world.


Blog Evaluation

some the sites and blogs are a good source of information. in addition, they are a great help in personal and MBA studies.

an interesting sketch app and gallery that shows the process of drawing very entertaining.  you can also see and watch the sketches take form in real time.

a CBS founded business network. one of the good sides of this site are the up to date news and applications in the business world internationally. although, the site is very general and mostly US and/or Europe based. some point of views are mostly western perspective. but overall, it is one avenue to get updated and familiarize in the business world.

Prezi is an alternative presentation application. Prezi is a flash software application and runs online or while connected in the Internet. it is very applicable in schools, especially that im an MBA student and also in the workplace. it gives a first awe impression.


Google Docs vs. Microsoft Live

Google Docs and Microsoft Live are considered a Web 2.0 applications that uses cloud computing. one of the applications utilizes the saving of the file in the net and that these files can then be seen and updated anytime, anywhere and by any authorized users.  Google Docs has the alternative Microsoft Office applications: documents, spreadsheets, presentation , etc.  seeing that Google has lunched Google Docs as a free application and only requires a Google Mail accounts, Microsoft ahas also ventured in cloud computing and produces Microsoft Live: an online version of Microsoft Office softwares.

12manage is a compilation of 12 common or mostly used management principles. in addition, these also corresponds to the MBA subjects needed in DLSU. these site proves to be a good reference and reviewer.  in addition, the compilations have in-depth information and diagrams.

Provenmodels is a site with a compilation of diagrams and principles relating to management principles. this site is also an alternative source of diagrams for references and reviewers.

1000ventures is a more broad and general site that offers different fields of principles and philosophy.  this site is can also be used as reference materials for MBA subjects in DLSU and offers practical descriptions in activities taht can be used in everyday life and in work areas.



What is?

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is associated to describe the 2nd generation of World Wide Web domain. Web 2.0 compared to the previous generation that can only view a web page, has now the capability to interact with its users and viewers thru uploading and downloading information like comments and files. This feedback system gives web 2.0 the versatility to adapt to needs and desires of its viewers and users. Some of the applications of Web 2.0 gave rise to the popularity of personal blogs, social-networking services, photo-compilation sites, and others.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a term that describe use of the World Wide Web thru the Internet as a “Cloud” that functions & runs like a virtual computer or server. The data and information, just like a cloud, are floating in a domain and are accessible by anyone in the Internet. Applications of cloud computing does not require a dedicated server or hub in order to keep data and information. In turn, there is less traffic or download rate in acquisition of these data. Hardware and maintenance cost are also minimized since the there will no need for a large server.

Cloud computing gives a new perspective to the Internet, maximizing its full potential and capabilities. With cloud computing, applications are limitless since every end user can make a custom design program or process in using cloud computing.


A Blog is derived mainly from “web log”. A blog is an activity recoded and documented in a website. A blog is created and maintained by an individual in the internet. This blog acts as a black sheet of canvass or paper ready to be filled with data and information by that individual. In turn, can be viewed and interact with internet users and visitors. Blogs are commonly used for personal logs and information sharing. Hence, information is shared and distributed freely and everywhere.

Digital Media

Digital media refers to the information in a form of electronics or digital codes.  These information can then be viewed, shared, copied, transferred, edited and other applications that easily by the use of electronic devices or gadgets. This information can be categorized as files, documents, pictures, programs, etc.  Aside from its versatility, digital media can be stored and digitally compressed in different mediums and devices: internet and usb, respectively.


Google Software Applications

The following applications are created by Google and only requires a Google Mail account in order to use and download these applications. these applications are practical now a days in an individual’s everyday life.


Google Docs

Google Docs is an open document applications that utilizes cloud computing by editing, saving and sharing the information in the internet. these document applications utilizes encoded documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. it only requires to have a Google Mail account to use these applications.

Google Books

Google Books is a collection of digital books, encoded books or e-books that can be viewed in the internet.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a collection of softwares and applications for business use and executions. these alternative does not require expensive hardwares and servers since it utilizes cloud computing technology.

Google Desktop

Google Desktop is a collection of small applications and programs that can be customized to the preferences of the users in terms of lifestyle and activities.

Google Picassa

Google Picassa is a photo editing and compiling application that can be stored in the internet or via cloud computing. these photos can also be shared and distributed.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an application and collection of digital maps all around the world that can be viewed down to the streets and vicinities. this application gives accessibly to maps and acts as a common medium for directions and landmarks.


Food Blogs

i have been a huge food addict. some say that i have a sweet tooth in me. and i believed in a saying the one should eat to live and live to eat. the following are the time tested blogs in terms of foods and restaurants.

Our Awesome Planet:

the best blog reference in terms of hidden restaurants that some are only known in word o f mouth. they cover most restaurants inside and outside the metro.

Dessert Comes First:

another blog that is time tested for me in finding the best desserts in the metro. not the common cakes and pastries that can be found in malls, but rather specialty sweets that are good in quality and taste. these desserts are also best for gifts for they are not that common to come by.

Click the City-Metro:

this site is always up to date to new restaurants and food events. what i find best in this blog is the good restaurants for dates and gatherings that needs a some formal touch.

Technology Blogs

in terms of latest gadgets and technological news, these two blogs are best in updated local gadgets available in the market with some insight in the gray markets for unbiased reports.

Pinoy Tech Blog: and Yuga Tech Blog:

While this blog features international innovations and technologies news. this blog was actually introduced by Prof Avila in his IT-workshop. and ever since i have bookmarked this blog and always fascinated by the daily news.

Giz Magazine:

Recipe Blogs

i’m mostly an admirer of foods and desserts. and as a working slave in the metro, i don’t cook much. but, i visit these sites just to have an insight how the dishes in one of those home food restaurants are done and what makes up to have a great dish. as they say, “learning is part of the battle”

Management Blogs

as an MBA student in DLSU-Graduate School of Business, there is always and never a term that you have to make a case study presentation, may it be a weekly report or a final term paper. the following blogs have been useful as cite references and reviewers.

these blogs have been a great help especially in our ManPri subject.


Shareware/ Freeware Download Sites

the Internet is a vast place, and in it, there are lot of free stuffs like software applications, movies, musics, pictures, etc. even the compression and transfer rate has been improving the past years. the followings sites are used to update and review the new freewares and sharewares in the internet.

Isohunt is a search engine for torrents files. torrents are a kind of compression and distribution file that utilizes the users in sharing the file information. much like cloud computing, the components of the file are collected from different users that has it, eliminating the use of a server that causes download traffic. the download rate is now only affected by the internet connection speed and the number of users that have a file.